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Dear Mrs Donelan

We hope that this short message will be powerful enough to help persuade you as regards your forthcoming vote on Brexit.
From the beginning my wife and I have studied deeply, and followed thoroughly, the problems of Brexit.
What matters most of all is the long term future of Britain. 
Let’s overlook the short term problems—endlessly raised by prejudiced, often selfish, people and insecure politicians—which can be overcome.
Long term, Britain will forever benefit from not being tied to the EU.
We love Europe. 
We do not like the EU——which may largely self-destruct, long term, anyway.
Please vote against Mrs May’s ill-judged proposals which provide a bad deal. 
Please help lead the nation to a no-deal conclusion which in all respects amounts to a WTO deal such as the USA, Canada and China prosper by.  Britain can too.
Take the opportunity of going down in local history as being a true British patriot voting with Britain’s best future at heart.
Yours truly,
Terence Meaden
(retired professor of physics, Oxford University)
Mrs Anne Jacqueline Meaden 



I trust that when anyone who has ever voted for the Conservative Party looks in a mirror they say:

I voted for the Conservative Party, therefore:

I voted to condone colossal lies and deceit over 45 years up until the present time,

I voted for hypocrisy, treachery and treason,

I voted to lose my vote,

I voted to allow unrestricted immigration into the UK,

I voted to throw away vast sums of hard earned taxpayers money into the corrupt and un-democratic EU and,

I voted to destroy the United Kingdom, this once great country of ours, from being a sovereign, independent and democratic nation so that it would become a vassal state of the EU and be governed by un-elected, un-sackable and un-worthy foreigners.

The same can be said about Labour and Lib Dem voters.

J Wraith

Salisbury Branch Chairman

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