Using this Website

Using this Website

This website is designed to promote the current UKIP manifesto and help elect UKIP Councillors and MPs.

Ideas for grassroot members to write speeches, and develop letter writing, leaflet production and newspaper articles are included.  In addition, information is provided to facilitate members who aspire to become UKIP Councillors and MPs.

This is a new prototype design which hopefully will become popular across the country.

The folders on this website contain the following information:

Folder Contents
Homepage Front page of website showing the ‘Daily Blog’.  This is the current best news item written by members.
Chairman and Committee The names and duties of all the Committee.  This is accompanied by a personal reflection by the Chairman
Media Interesting and relevant You tube video clips
Petitions Hyperlinks
Your MEPs Local Wiltshire UKIP MEPs
Using this website This item
UKIP Councillors and MPs Information to help members become Councillors and MPs
Contact Email contact with the website designer
Meetings and Events A timetable of meetings and organised events
ukip4government: A Philosophy A consideration of the philosophy of the Party and a rallying call to members to strive for government by Mike Walker UKIP Devizes Chairman
ukip4government: An Action Plan An action plan to facilitate the election of Councillors and MPs and bring about a UKIP government by Mike Walker UKIP Devizes Chairman
Letters from members Ideas for writing letters to target groups
Brexit Hyperlinks
NHS Hyperlinks
Social Care Hyperlinks
Welfare and Disability Hyperlinks
Immigration Hyperlinks
Housing Hyperlinks
Education Hyperlinks
Foreign Affairs/Aid Hyperlinks
Defence/Veterans Hyperlinks
Criminal Justice Hyperlinks
Agriculture/Fisheries Hyperlinks
Economy Hyperlinks
Energy/Environment Hyperlinks
Children/Families Hyperlinks
Animal Welfare Hyperlinks
Free Speech Hyperlinks
UK Constitution Hyperlinks
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