ukip4gov-Action Plan

ukip4government: An Action Plan

Imagine if everyone in UKIP:

(1) Believed that we can hundreds of MPs elected and become the next government

(2) Stops concerning ourselves with distractions and focus on the prime objective of government.

(3) Stops worrying about perception and is proud to be a UKIPer

(4) Asks the question ‘What can I do to help?’

What would happen if every member of UKIP were to believe in themselves and be prepared to fight for the four principles that have been outlined?

What would happen if every member of UKIP were to act together in a coordinated manner at the same time when asked to do so – like a well drilled army to defeat the establishment?

This happened before, and 17.8 million people voted for our freedom from the E.U.

We have four years to the next election – I believe we can do it again.

I believe that we could do the impossible again against all the odds and form the next government.

Gerard Batten and the leadership are doing a fantastic job taking the fight to the establishment.  However, it is time for the grass roots to open a second front and really pile the pressure on the ‘political elite’.

For too long we have been held down by malicious unfounded perception and our own self-doubts.

Let’s get up off our knees and start to fight back!

There are several radical changes in the structure of UKIP which could help us to realise this aim.

All efforts should be made to increase the number of people voting UKIP at by-elections and general elections.  All that matters are getting Councillors and MPs into positions of power

The following proposal is a ten-point plan to achieve this aim.  No more wasting time feeling melancholy during branch meetings about the state of the country.  No more arguing with each other about whether Tommy Robinson should join the party.  That can be done later perhaps on social media.

We start to create the news and force our agenda into the mainstream media attention.

We do this in a coordinated manner all branches in each county helping each other.

We share resources, time and effort to organise an event once a month in a town in every county.

This event involves:

  • A procession through the town
  • Speeches by Committee members of the different branches, perhaps guest speakers from within UKIP and hopefully volunteers from the public.
  • UKIP stalls giving people leaflets and information relating to our manifesto.

Part 1: Writing letters

The Branch UKIP website needs to be a database for members so that they can access information to produce letters/emails and speeches.

Letter writing to MPs is an important first step in the creation of regular organised events.  These letters should be written by members collectively once a month on an agreed theme.

They are not designed to influence their local MP.  Whether they can do this is problematic.

They are designed to concentrate the mind of the individual on one aspect of concern.  That person is encouraged to research the problem and reference their letter developing their reasoning and justifying themselves within context. Copies of these letters can then be sent to the Committee by email which can load them into a secure folder for others to read and get ideas for their own letter writing.

Below is a letter which I have sent to the conservative MP FOR Chippenham, Michelle Donelan.  It has been criticised as being long-winded and verbose – a letter which an MP would discard after the first paragraph from boredom.

Perhaps so!

However, I wonder how Michelle Donelan would feel if this letter was read out by a concerned constituent at one of our events!  As you read it think about the power behind its references.

This letter accuses the government of treason, a charge which is fully justified.  Think of how the public may respond on a Saturday afternoon in the town centre if they cared to stop and listen?

After the speeches copies of the best letters could be on the stalls to be given to the public.

Load, lock, fire!!!!

Dear Michelle Donelan [Conservative MP Chippenham]

I have always viewed economic and political perspectives from a Right-Wing stance e.g. I believe in low taxation and individualism – minimum interference from the state with an understanding that rights are a privilege only to those that accept responsibility. Every man and woman should be allowed the hope, through hard work, of bettering themselves if they aspire to do so. I have believed in the political constitution in this country, a construct where laws are made by MPs in parliament on behalf of the people and ratified by the monarchy. These are laws that apply to all, both MPs and the people.  As long as the individual commits to accept his responsibilities to parliament, I believed that the parliament itself would in kind accept its responsibilities to the individual.  The people want and expect a free democratic society (1).

Over the last 18 months I have turned away from the Conservatives.  They no longer stand for the values which I have mentioned.  The worst betrayal has been their handling of Brexit.  The people have been patronised and ridiculed after being given the liberty for once of choosing our own destiny. A decision which had the temerity to be different to the desires of our political puppet masters.

In doing so the Conservatives have shown appalling disrespect to those who gave them power and trusted them to protect democracy in this country.

Indeed, history may well prosecute this establishment with subversion and treason for charges that I will now itemise in chronological order.

  • A Conservative Prime minister called Ted Heath devolved power away from the monarchy to a foreign power. This was and still is illegal by British Constitutional Law (2) This country became part of what is now known as the European Union.
  • In consultation with the Labour Party and the next prime minister Harold Wilson, our illegal membership of the EU was ratified by an illegal referendum. Furthermore, there has been a Judicial Review on this subject which need to be made public (3).
  • The people have been deceived of the economic benefits of membership of the EU. We have had a trade deficit for years, billions of tax payer’s money has and is being wasted (4).
  • The divorce settlement is illegal and contravenes Constitutional Laws on the statute book (5).

When Mrs May offers the EU money to secure an agreement is committing an offence under the Bribery Act 2010, Chapter 23, Section 6″

  • With EU membership comes uncontrolled mass immigration. We have no control over who comes into the country. This means that parliament has negated a primary responsibility, that of protection of its citizens (6).
  • We give billions away in Foreign aid to countries that are destitute and would rather trade with us but cannot because of prohibiting protectionist trade tariffs (7).
  • In 2016, Theresa May allowed Conservative candidates to run for office with the sole intention of sabotaging the Brexit Referendum of 2015

‘I look forward to the day when the UK will be reduced to a council chamber in the European Union’ Ken Clarke (8)

  • Once in power with a small majority, Theresa May then surrounded herself with politicians who do not believe ideologically in such huge social and economic change for this country. They are now in charge of implementing that change (Philip Hammond)!  Plan A should have been a full break from the EU reverting to World Trade Organisation rules.  The economic consequences of this should have been considered and measures taken accordingly.  Import VAT charges could be decreased to offset trade tariffs. Money saved by not paying membership fees should be used to facilitate a smooth transition to the new trading conditions with business.  Plan B should have been a negotiated Canada plus option, but this could not be guaranteed (9).
  • Theresa May has put Party before country by trying to appease those Conservatives that demand a second referendum. She has fought tenaciously to keep alive her Chequers White paper which is not Brexit and keeps us in the EU in all but name.  We may never leave the EU under these terms (10) and she has even asked the civil service to prepare for a second referendum (11).

Michelle you said you voted Remain but put democracy first and that is why you respect the mandate of the people.  I have just one question.

When we get that inevitable second referendum, will you then side with others in your party? Will you offer this ultimate final insult with the pretence that this is yet another exercise in democracy?

Yours Faithfully

Mike Walker

Each letter needs to be accompanied by references.  A reference is incredibly important for two reasons:

  • You are justifying everything you say. The subjective opinion then becomes a reasoned line of thought.
  • The reader must up his / her game if they are to argue against the case being presented to them. How can you argue against a law on the statute book or embarrassing documents showing the economic analysis of EU membership which you were trying to keep out of the public eye?


Reference number Email for Brexit letter




3 Subject: Judicial Review Claim No: CO/4310/2017 Re: VOID ECA1972



House of Commons Library Briefing Paper number 7851 DATED 31ST July 2018.  Go to item 4 Appendix: Trade with the EU and non EU countries


6 = pollution and over population = pollution and over population










The letter is not designed to influence the MP.  I no longer care about the opinion of one single member of parliament.  They all put Party before country.

(1) None will stand and denounce the disgusting spectre of millions of economic migrants desperately trying to flood into this country.  They want to cover our country in concrete and tarmac.

I once responded to the ‘Dog whistle call’ of the Tory manifesto at general elections.

‘Vote Conservative.  Unlike Labour we will control immigration.’  They had and never will have any intention of doing so.

I was a fool.  I am now UKIP to the end.

(2) All the political parties have no intention of restoring the criminal justice system back to purpose with their progressive liberal agenda.  Think of the victims of rape whose perpetrators will serve half of a pathetic sentence.

(3) Think of your family members who may have been affected by that long hospital waiting list or the one that was treated too late.

(4) Think of their treason against the monarchy with their acceptance of the legality of EU membership.

Do you really care whether these people respond to your letter?

Your letter to them is a training exercise.  It is a means to assemble your thoughts and rationalise your arguments:

You will use the letter is two ways:

  • (a) Please stand up at one of the organised events. With one hand holding a microphone and another holding your letter say the following:

‘My name is #####.  I am proud to be British.  I have just written this letter to my local MP.’

  • (b) Then read out your letter

(2) Ensure that a copy of your letter has been submitted to your Branch Secretary so that it can be kept secure in a folder on the website for reference.  The best ones can then be duplicated and offered to the public on stalls after the speeches (names and addresses deleted).

Your letters are better then any leaflet that UKIP could produce and will have greater effect.

In this manner every member can help the cause significantly.

The following is a help sheet that was recently given to Branch members at Chippenham to help them with their letter writing.

UKIP Members letter writing / emailing to local MP

North Wiltshire

James Gray MP [Conservative]

Business address: 
House of Commons

Bus. phone:  020 72193000



Michelle Donelan MP [Conservative]


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 4451



61 New Road, Chippenham, SN15 1ES

Tel: 01249 704465

Other Wiltshire MPs:


  • Together we choose from a list of topics of concern, a principle focus. We all then collectively write a letter / email to one MP.

Possible Topics

  • Brexit
  • Immigration
  • Education System (Transgender issues)
  • Free speech – Hate Crimes
  • NHS
  • Treatment of Army veterans
  • Criminal Justice System
  • The MP should reply – the more letters / emails he / she receives expressing concern on the same topic, the more impact it will have.
  • Once we have chosen a topic, I will email / post references to you (need a week) so that you can write an informed email/letter with relevant context.
  • If you are worried about your sentence construction / grammar, David Challice at UKIP Headquarters has offered to check your first draft:


There needs to be a different approach to the design of Branch websites

I submit that the key purpose of everything that we do in UKIP is to get Councillors and MPs into positions of power and influence.

In order to do this, the Branch websites should be designed in the following manner:

  • Facilitate communication between all members including the Leadership
  • Widen our appeal to the general public with direct links between social media and the websites
  • Facilitate the organisation of information on anything which will increase our support e.g. organised events, information on how to be a councillor.

The following narrative is on a website designed as a prototype to illustrate these ideas.

Ideally all UKIP websites should be of a standardised similar design.  They should all be written in the web language WordPress. Support to members responsible for uploading information then becomes easier.

  • All websites within a county can be linked together via a central Homepage link
  • These county Homepage links can then be linked directly to a National Web designer at Central Office and the NEC.
  • UKIP should have one central IT Coordinator helping branch web site designers with their problems on MSM messenger and supplying regular updated hyperlinks of useful information that can be uploaded into different folders by the branch coordinator e.g. references relating to Brexit one week, references relating to the economy the next week.

Regular information such as tables of reference hyperlinks for the different web folders can then be emailed to branch web officials for regular uploading.  Central Office can monitor whether or not this has been done and send out reminders to do so.

The different stages in a totally new cooperative approach between different branches must start with updating the websites.

The UKIP Branch website could be ‘weaponised’ in several ways. They must become an important tool which can be used to facilitate the planning of the organised events.

Since becoming Branch Secretary for North Wiltshire and Branch Chairman for Devizes, I decided to design the websites accordingly.  Reference can now be made to  The website includes folders containing detailed information relating to the following:

  • Folder to assist with letter writing

As previously explained, the letters are not designed primarily to motivate an MP to do anything.  I am of the belief that every single one of them cannot be trusted.  None will say anything positive about UKIP and all put party before country.  All subscribe to mass uncontrolled immigration, have no issues with the treasonous devolving of power away from the monarchy to the EU or the erosion of the right to free speech by mission creep.  I personally do not care what they think or say.

The real purpose of letter writing is twofold:

  • The letter can become the main part of a person’s speech at the event. After a brief introduction, it can be read out word for word, clearly and calmly.  The continual link to the references ‘weaponises’ the arguments.  Each speech now will have a much greater impact on the target audience.
  • Copies of the letter can then be handed out as a leaflet at the stalls after the speech.

The thoughtful planning and significant effort into writing the letter is now realised.

The letter and speech should be related to some aspect of the manifesto.  The folder assisting letter writing will help develop the format and style needed.  The various other folders on immigration, Brexit, veterans etc will provide suitable references.

  • Reference folders

This website has several named folders covering all the different aspects of the manifesto.  They are arranged in rows in alphabetical order following the three folders entitled ‘UKIP for government’.

Each folder contains a table of hyperlinks.  In time I would like to see hundreds of relevant hyperlinks in each folder.

If we imagine that the website is a tank ready to go into battle, then each hyperlink becomes a shell ready to be loaded into the gun of that tank.

I was once asked by a branch member ‘What can I do to help?’

There are many things that all members can do, letter writing has already been mentioned.

With this website, members can now send emails to their branch web designer with hyperlinks of interesting references that they have found from the news or social media.  This could include a hyperlink for a petition.  The web designer can then upload them onto the branch website and each week submit copies to the central controller for uploading onto everyone else’s websites.

We start to work in a cooperative manner, sharing resources together.

Whenever a letter, speech, newspaper article, leaflet needs to be written on any topic, we now have a library full of resources on which to develop our ideas.  Furthermore, our arguments are then backed up with references and have context.  The general public are now made aware of these references and we gain the upper hand on our enemies on the battlefield of intellectual debate!

Don’t forget the media folder.  Want to learn how to address the public when giving a speech? Ben Shapiro is a Right-Wing activist and Lawyer in the USA.  Watch his You tube videos.  His verbal annihilation of his Left-Wing opponents should be compulsory viewing for us all!

  • Folder for petitions

An important folder of hyperlinks is the one for petitions.  All members should be encouraged to send hyperlinks of relevant petitions to their branch web site designer for uploading.  HQ should be creating government petitions to be debated in parliament and sending them out to all branches for uploading.

All UKIP members are asked to regularly check the petition drop box and:

(a) Sign any petition there.

(b) Forward details of that petition to 5 family members / friends who
they know will sign it as well.

There are 30 000 members x 5 = over 100 000 signatures = debate on that topic in the House of Commons.

Every government petition that is debated must be accompanied with a written summary of what was said which is put onto the internet for public scrutiny.  These transcripts can then be uploaded themselves as hyperlinks.

I have read accounts of debates that hardly address the concerns of the petition at all.  They were a joke – a total waste of time.  There are Government petitions demanding that immigration is out of control that have been debated.  None of the MPs express the slightest concern.  They refer to no specific data or that taken out of context.  They all show collective agreement of its benefits and dismiss the notion that it has detriments.

Our MPs seem not to care whether they act in a proper reasoned democratic manner and whether the public are aware of this.

This is perfect!  Imagine what we can do with such information for our speeches or newspaper articles!

  • Websites should have direct links to social media (Facebook and twitter)

We need to plan and carry out organised public events regularly

We need to get people there to support us.

There are thousands of follows of both Facebook and twitter.

WordPress easily allows the websites to become connected and publicised on both.  We can therefore get followers of UKIP policies being drawn to the website.

However, when doing so we must be careful.

Only UKIP members should be able to access certain folders e.g. the folders ‘UKIP for government’ and the reference folders containing hyperlinks.

The general public should be able to access the others particularly the petition

We therefore need to create Username and Password facilities to secure certain folders.

However, everyone can access folders such as the media and petition folders

Some UKIP members have followers numbering thousands on twitter.  They could encourage all their followers to download the website and sign every petition on the folder once a week.

Government petitions would soon reach 100 000 and must then be debated.  Those debates in parliament are recorded and found on-line.  They can easily be downloaded and uploaded into relevant folders. These transcribes are perfect for public evaluation during speeches in town centres – embarrassing and humiliating for our ‘pseudo-intellectual political elite!’.

  • An MSN messenger folder on every Branch website

The general format of every Branch Website should be the same.  However, each branch will want to customise it and upload their own letters, leaflets, new paper articles, add hyperlinks etc.  An MSN messenger link to a County Regional Controller will ensure that branch web designers are given the necessary online training and support when needed.

  • Many members have poor IT skills. We should help them use the website facilities

UKIP members who do not have internet access and are not IT illiterate are encouraged to go to the local library and get free training by a librarian on how to log onto the library computer and access the UKIP website.  They also need to be shown how to write a WORD document and then email something to the Chairman or Secretary so that it can be uploaded onto the website.

Every UKIP member is a soldier in a war to change our society for the better.  Even old age pensioners who have never been near a computer can learn to do this.  It will empower them All UKIP members should be accessing the UKIP Branch websites regularly and updating themselves on current events. Everyone should be given the opportunity to show that their opinions are important.

As Branch Secretary for North Wiltshire I became aware of many older members who wanted to participate in the battle but cannot for various reasons. They may be handicapped and in wheel chairs and simply cannot get access to demonstrations for example those supporting Brexit.  They may not have a computer and want to sign our petitions.  Sometimes they live alone and would welcome a visit just to talk to someone.

We need a coordinated approach across the country to help get these reserve auxiliary divisions into the battle.  We could organise mini buses for transport. We could visit their homes with laptops occasionally and provide basic IT training so that they can use computers in their local library.

Their opinion is important.  We need to show that they are valued, and we appreciate their support.

  • Encourage members to write news articles for the website

Members are encouraged to write summaries / articles of local events of interest.  Branch Committees send this information to central office to collate it all into a National Newsletter along with interesting articles by the leadership.

This newsletter is then loaded centrally onto the secure drop box in every branch website for members to read.


An organised event once a month in Wiltshire can act to galvanise awareness of our cause.  All the different aspects of grassroots direct action i.e. speeches, leaflet distribution, writing newspaper articles, utilisation of social media to produce a ‘fire storm’ of activity, can be brought together to facilitate this one focus.

It is a means where different county branches can cooperate, establish new links and pool resources together for the common aim.

This produces a synergistic effect – the sum of the parts acting together becoming greater than a collection of unreported random actions by different branches in the local press.

By creating the news, we force our manifesto agenda into the mainstream.

This gets us more votes which in turn increases the number of UKIP Councillors.

Wiltshire then shows the rest of the UK how it is done.

Other UKIP branches in other counties start to copy us.  Hopefully this is encouraged by the NEC.

The result must then be the election of UKIP MPs at the next General Election.

The following is a step by step proposal of how this can be done:

  • Initially the different Wiltshire Branches hold a joint meeting to prepare for the first event. We decide together on encouraging members to letter write and produce leaflets.  The websites are used to facilitate this.  All Chairmen start thinking of planning an event in their local town.  The council will need to be informed in advance.  Public liability insurance will need to be arranged.  We will need one stall from each branch at the event (flags, posters, microphones needed etc).  The local press needs informing.
  • We go back to our branches and encourage all members to turn up to branch meetings. The arrangements for the event can now be uploaded onto all websites. Once a date and location are agreed, we encourage members to promote the event on social media.  Via twitter and Facebook, the public access our websites and details are recorded on the folder for ‘events’.
  • The event itself will take part in four stages.
  • Assembly point. This could be near a local car park.
  • Procession through the town (music? Classical? Second World War Film themes? – too cliché?)
  • The procession then congregates together in a Park e.g. Chippenham Monkton Park. This is where the stalls are set out and the microphones and Union Jacks are waiting ready for the speeches.
  • The speeches then take place and for two hours after members of the public are encouraged to take leaflets and goodies e.g. Jute bags from the stalls.
  • We should easily guarantee 100+ people in the procession. This will ensure that each event hits the local paper.  There are 5 branches in Wiltshire: Swindon, North Wiltshire and Chippenham, Devizes, Salisbury and South Wiltshire (we could get Bath involved?).  Each branch gets 10 members at meetings to sign up.  Through social media we get the public to message branches through the contact folder on websites and tell us that they will turn up to the event.  Each branch only needs 10 members of the public.  This gives us an army of 100 people.

Guest speakers such as UKIP MEPs and members of the NEC could be asked to attend and speak at the event. However, perhaps more important is when ordinary members do this?  There should be a standard introductory form of address for each speech as follows:

  • My name is +++++++
  • I am proud to be British and a member of UKIP
  • I want to talk about Brexit/Immigration/NHS/Free Speech etc
  • The speaker then starts his/her speech – reading aloud a recently posted letter to am MP has been suggested as an idea.
  • Organisation of these events along with participation in speeches is a great training session for those interested in becoming future Councillors and MPs. In addition, so is writing newspaper articles as a free lance journalist.  This is how David Challice at UKIP Head Quarters started, the person who is willing to check all letters before posting to MPs.


Young members, in particular, could be encouraged to take up on line journalism courses.  There are £200 to £300 courses now being offered for £20 which is within the budget of all branches.  Our own members are then writing articles not only for the local but the National press as well.

The UKIP MP Patrick o Flynn was so successful as a journalist for the Daily Express that in the 2015 General Election, that they endorsed UKIP to win and encouraged the public to vote for us!


Let’s make getting a UKIP government the number 1 aim.

Distractions such as discussing at branch meetings whether Tommy Robinson should be a member of UKIP need to be left to the generals! (even though I am a fan!!!).

100% of the time now during branch meetings should be spent on addressing how we can fulfil our aim.

We march under the one purple flag together, we don’t need to associate with other ‘political allies’

Let’s start engaging with the enemy and get our country back!

Mike Walker

Chairman UKIP Devizes Branch



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